Songs of Devotion by Robert Anderson

Songs of Devotion by Robert Anderson

Robert's songbook is a collection of 23 award-winning songs from our three Devotion CDs, arranged for piano/vocals with guitar chords and full lyrics. 

It contains the following selections:

1     Do All You Can 
       ('POSI' award winner)
2     Expression
3     Here At The Start
4     I Am
       ('POSI' award winner)
5     I Am A Light
6     Give It Away
       ('POSI' award nomination)
7     If I Could Leave Me Now
8     Intention
9     Lay It Down
10   Like A Boomerang
11   Spirit Chant
12   My Heart
13   One Great Power
14   Resolve To Evolve
15   7 Wonders Of The World
       ('POSI' award winner)
16   Stop, Step Back
17   Temporarily Sane
18   Then I'll Go
19   These Times
20   Through The Eyes Of Love        ('POSI' award nomination)
21   We Are One
       ('POSI' award nomination)
22   We Are The Ones
23   What Would Love Do Now

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"We are so close in Spirit! You can't imagine what a powerful effect your path has on mine... The tremendous reaction that I usually get with your songs is so empowering that no wonder why Spirit connects me to you exactly in the most crucial moments in my life!

And the words: "Do all you can with what you have, in the time you have, in the place you are..." keep on sounding in my heart and Mind with so much joy and encouragement, that I bless the moment the inspiration touched Robert's heart to write the beautiful song based upon little Nkosi Johnson's wisdom!

I love you, my friends! Keep on shining and being very joyful!!!"

Alba Molina, Costa Rica


"Imagine your congregation, divided into four sections, each led in a separate voicing of Robert Anderson's affirming chant I Am. "I am as God created me. I am a light in this world." Each part simple, easy to learn, yet profoundly moving as the parts of the chant build to a crescendo together. "You are light. You are golden. You are beautiful. You are holy", a songleader declares over the top of the beautiful harmony. The sanctuary is transformed in beautiful, uniting song.

We have used Robert Anderson's music for years. Robert is the master of chant. But now, Robert's new songbook, Songs of Devotion, with piano, vocal arrangement, and guitar, has brought us to a whole new level of devotion to Devotion.

It is all there; twenty-three award-winning songs from our favorite Devotion CDs. Spiral-bound so it lays nicely on piano or music stand, easy to read and follow, we have already used 12 of the 23 songs at church.

We can't wait to explore the rest. Thank you, Robert, for sharing your music through the new songbook. Thank you for the beautiful recordings to which we only aspire. You and Lori have enriched our li ves, the lives of our congregation, and so many others through your music ministry.

We are grateful that so many others will now be able to share your music through the recreations of the music in the songbook."

Ever Devoted, Roger and Carole Tomhave
Music Directors, Unity of Fairfax, VA

What People Say:

"Thank you Lori and Robert for your wonderful music (and songbook) so that now I can sing AND play with you. Your music just lifts my spirit---you are a blessing!!!!"
Teesh Moulton, V
ero Beach, FL


Thanks for sending the music book—wow, it is so usable and so many great songs!!!  We are doing 'Expression,' 'Do All You Can,' 'We Are One' and used the chorus of 'Through the Eyes of Love' for a meditation chant.  Of course we had already done 'I Am a Light,' and 'I Am' so we have a few to go yet as well. 
Thanks guys!  Ron Troester


"The new songbook is great. Thanks for taking us "hate chord charts, but can read piano parts" musicians into consideration! My good friend David also purchased the book and loves it. He can't wait to perform some of your music in our services. He's one of our main guest singers.

Love to you both,
Marc Wildman"
Music Director - Unity Church and Spiritual Center of Syracuse, NY


Thank you for writing the songs and for putting it all together in a book so we can have them forever!

I heard you sing here in Victoria last year, and sooo enjoyed your music, your creativity, your gentle passion and your amazing ability to connect to all who hear you both.

Iím really looking forward to receiving the song book, and to using it. Love and blessings, Angie McNabb