“ANSWERING YOUR CALL” - A Workshop/Concert
(Discovering and Living the Meaning of Your Life)

Have you ever felt that urge well up in the quiet of your mind that asks if you are on the right path, if there’s other work you should be doing or if you’re fulfilling your soul’s purpose.  Devotion has asked these same questions and will share their discoveries with you.  In this unforgettable, interactive musical experience, you will be inspired, entertained and empowered as you explore heartfelt wisdom, guideposts and maps that help you on your way . . . to answer your call.

(This is VERY fun. An inspiring workshop for singers of all levels who love to sing)

Despite what you may have been told when you were younger, YES you can sing . . . and sing with delight!  With their unique blend of joy and soulful presentation, vocal duo Devotion will show you how to let your unique voice bypass "thinking" to flow directly from your authentic self.


Join Devotion for a mini retreat created to support your precious soul. We will sing together, pray together and have some intentional time to immerse ourselves in the truth of who we are. 
 This gathering is a chance to experience the oneness that is the bottom line of our spiritual lives. There will be time to touch on the skills of self-care and an active prayer life.


Is your Spirit calling you to become quiet? Do you have a secret  desire to just turn off your TV, radio and computer and unplug from the world?  Perhaps you want to discover a life of sanctuary and retreat.  You may be hearing the mystical call of the contemplative life.  This workshop offers a place to learn about the contemplative experience and to explore the power and healing grace of silence.  Lori and Robert will offer skills to create more time for your soul and a life you can live with.


(Be the change you wish to see in the world…)

Lori took peacemaker vows in June 2003 after graduating with the International Peacemaker Institute in Boulder, Colorado.  She was trained in the inner and outer skills of peacemaking.  This workshop can be specifically designed to serve the needs of your congregation/community.

Workshops for Women


(For Woman, Focusing On The Power Of The Divine Feminine)
The purpose of this workshop is to become more available
and open to the experience of grace . . . and to the recognition of "thin places" in our lives.  Often arriving unbidden, these "thin places" offer sudden and often dramatic change, creating a space where we can feel Spirit's presence more easily.


This is a wonderful opportunity to gather in a sacred circle of women. Lori teaches the skills of counsel practice; a long established form of sharing that encourages all voices to be heard. Together, we will practice the art of deep listening and truth telling in a safe and gentle environment. This powerful practice can be used in relationship with significant others, families, and in the workplace. It is effective for committed community, groups dealing with conflict, or women coming together establish a group.

Lori leads a series of women’s retreats. These can be a 1-day event or a powerful weekend experience.

The Mystical Feminine
Grace and Gratitude
The Peaceful Goddess

Workshops for Music Directors

"SEARCHING OUT THE SONGS (& Singing Them with SOUL)"
(A song-gathering workshop for New Thought Music Directors)

Numerous and diverse are the divine sources from which you can find delightful and inspiring songs for your congregation.  With their unique blend of joyful singing and soulful presentation, vocal duo Devotion will help you explore new musical options and show you how to let your unique voice bypass "thinking" to flow directly from your authentic self.

Workshops for Youth


Lori and Robert believe that children’s individual and collective voices are so very important . . . not only for their own journey but also for all of us in this global neighborhood.  Through energy-filled active and interactive 45-minute musical performances, children have fun learning as they share in the positive songs, wonderful harmonies and vocal magic that Lori and Robert create. 

Contact Lori and Robert for more detailed workshop
information, costs and availability.